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First Quarter Entries for 2013 posted on my blogs...

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Yes, we have survived the end of human civilisation and so I have to update you on the entries that have featured on my main blogs. Over this first quarter of 2013, the highest activity has been on my Buddhist-inspired blog ZoneMind with other two significant long entries on my blog mainly focusing on my views as a disabled person on my blog at GD-Zone. Apart from that, I encourage you to check out my ever-growing collection of haikus which I update fairly regularly on Haiku Flow. But, without further ado, here are the posts submitted on my blogs between January and March 2013:




A Right to Secrecy Denied: Disabled People andthe Secret Vote 
This entry is self-explanatory. I discuss how some disabled people in Malta may still be denied to vote or, as in my case, to vote in secret. I explain that I was entitled to the secret vote and here I expressed hope that with Malta’s ratification of the UN Convention, this situation would change. I wrote this entry a few days before the general election which was planned for early March.
Dumbification: Why Dumbo isn’t my Role Model…
In this entry, I explain why instead of being a story about inclusion and acceptance, the Disney story of Jumbo Junior is really sends across the wrong messages and is certainly not a good teaching tool to discuss our real problems as disabled people.




The True Meaning of Charity
In this three-part entry, I reflect on the meaning on charity and explain that charity shouldn’t be an act by which we assume that we’re doing good because we are ‘more fortunate’ but because we are driven by a genuine sense of compassion where we relate to another in need on a human level. 
On the Dawn of a New Day
In this entry, I share a meditation on the nature of identity and on the importance of acknowledging our human condition.
Pain: Teach me Life!
I wrote during moments of physical pain that resurface from time to time. While I recognise that such pain is always unpleasant, I meditate on the things I could learn from the experience of pain to help me grow in compassion and self-understanding. 
A Violent Awakening
In this entry, I meditate following losing consciousness and on regaining awareness after being on the ambulance as I was urgently taken to hospital to spend some days under observation. Here, I reflect on the choices I have made in my life and how I still had to deal with moments where  I feel a certain dissatisfaction in my life.
The Thing Called Pain 
Another meditation on what I learned from going through more of physical pain and how experiencing pain is, in some way, an illusion that arises from our sensory systems. I also reflect on how our common human experiences of pain can make us appreciate the value of others in our lives.
A Sunset of Promise
In this entry, I share a meditation on hope in a better future but, at the same time, we must ready to embrace life as it comes and making a point to make the best of what life throws at us.
The Refuge of Silence
A meditation on the value and importance of silence in order to clear our minds and engage with who we are and to cultivate our self-awareness and compassion.
The Day of Reflection
As I wait for the day I have to vote in my country’s election, I reflect on the ethical motivations that should guide before casting our vote and how our political duties demand from us to vote in respect of truth and authenticity and should never be driven by selfishness beca
Failing in Spite of Trying
As I continued to struggle with getting out of bed following my return from hospital which had reduced my leg muscle strength, I talk about how while I wasn’t that happy for finding that I still needed help to get up, I realise that asking for help wasn’t shameful but one should still try to get better if possible for failing is essential to succeed and mature.

Haiku Flow

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This growing collection of haiku based on traditional Japanese verse is being constantly updated. Here are the links for all the haiku I posted every month since January till March 2013. I hope you enjoy and subscribe to the feed:
January Haikus
February Haikus 
March Haikus
You might also be interested in listening to the song “The Phoenix” which is based on a recent haiku trio with the same name. Just follow the link below:

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