Sunday, April 08, 2012

An Easter Evening Offering

During this Easter period, I have been actively engaged in reaching out to the world via social and traditional media. Since I was discharged from hospital a week ago, I needed to take hold of my life again. Although I’m still recovering from my hospital stay, I had time to reflect and meditate on this experience. Hospital isn’t a foreign concept to me. Indeed, unfortunately, I have had to visit there frequently over these months. The fact that, once again, I found myself in a position where I was suddenly cut off from my everyday life helped inspire to write, blog and talk about it. Indeed, what I am offering here are products of, primarily, a series of meditations on my hospital experience.

The first offering is from my D-Zone, which is an entry called A Disabled Activist and Buddhist at Heart where I share an aspect of myself I don’t usually share on this particular blog - my spiritual side. Undeniably, my hospital experience has made me more aware of my basic vulnerability and humanity - although I should really remember given my open relation with hospital. In the post A Disabled Activist and Buddhist at Heart, I encourage readers to consider that there is more to our lives as disabled people than meets the eye.

I emphasise this point in my second offering which is an article which appeared in today’s edition of the local newspaper The Malta Independent on Sunday and you can read the article Disability: The Real Suffering online. While at my podcast channel at GordonGD (AudioBoo) I’ve recorded a boo which shares the same title, but, in this podcast I tackle this topic slightly differently and, perhaps, from a more personal perspective. Indeed, my third offering is the podcast episode entitled Disability: The Real Suffering and you can listen to more podcasts at my channel at GordonGD.

Ah! I almost forgot my fourth and final offering which is a flow of thoughts and experiences about my journey into Buddhism. It may be inappropriate to talk about this given the meaning behind Easter, but perhaps, I needed to open and up some deep reflections I have been bottling up and the entry Confessions of a Buddhist at Heart captures my current outlook on life. I admit that this post, and blog, may not be everyone’s cup of tea (assuming you like tea) but it does contain some references to tea (!). However, I hope to encourage readers to stop for a while to reflect on life and the purpose of life. .

I know it’s now the time to indulge in festivities but perhaps you could read this entry tomorrow when your body is still processing the food you ate today. Of course, I try to update my contents on the sites I link to here whenever I can. Indeed, I have been unable to contribute as much for the last weeks on any of my blogs, except perhaps for the one at ZoneMind. I’m rather tired and I think a psychologists would conclude that I’m really over-compensating following writing deprivation. Perhaps that would be a right conclusion after all. But, enough of this self-promotion already…].

That is rather all I have to offer you at the moment. Of course, I’ve written quite a lot during this Easter week and while I was at hospital. And I could go on and on. But I think it’s all for today. Also feel free to visit my blogs at Gordon’s D-Zone and ZoneMind of course for more content you may find interesting. You might also like to explore the other sites I host on the right side of this homepage.

Enjoy what’s left of Easter (if it’s not over already…

Happy browsing!!!


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