Monday, April 04, 2011

Welcome to my Site!!!

Those who follow my blogs will notice a drop in the amount of posts. Well, that's not because I retired from blogging and podcasting but because yours truly has been working on this site at gordonGD.comBelieve me, it was not easy to set up considering my visual impairment and my basic knowledge of web code (HTML). Beside, it would be pointless to design an inaccessible site that I cannot access myself! So, I did my best to make the content available to all. I admit that there are still areas where I could refine, but I'll do the fine tuning along the way. I would also love your feedback through voting in the poll or by sending me an e-mail Enjoy!!!

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I love blogging for the very same reason I love writing. It gives me the opportunity to express myself and my ideas to others. Yet, the great thing about blogs are their potential to reach out to people across the world. Blogging is also a means where I can explore thoughts and ideas, express my creativity and better examine who I am. As a disabled person, blogs are also tool to raise awareness about how society excludes us as disabled people through its failure to take us into account. Besides disability activism, I also enjoy creative writing and to read about a wide range of topics, ranging from science to philosophy which I also explore in my blogs.. I dream of a world that includes everyone, irrespective of our differences. A world where people have true equal rights and opportunities. A world where everyone is given the means to succeed and attain his/her full potential.